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The Swift 7 by Acer is the world's thinnest computer so I figured a trip to New Zealand would be the perfect place to test it out. I spent a week running around the country with this laptop in my bag. I took it everywhere: planes, car rides, cafes, and even a few mountaintops.

Unboxing the Swift 7

But before we dive into my time in New Zealand, lets start at the beginning. The Acer Swift 7 arrived to my apartment in a sleek black box with gold lettering. The look and feel of the box and packaging definitely fit with the light and sleek theme of the laptop. Upon taking it out of the box, I immediately noticed how light and small it really was. It almost felt like I could toss it like a frisbee. I didn't though, and instead took these photos of it. 

Make Anywhere Your Office

After setting it up and installing the programs I use, I headed to the airport for my flight to New Zealand. It was a breeze to bring this laptop onto the plane in a small backpack. I was even able to get it out on the flight and do some editing of the photos you saw above. 

Once in New Zealand, I spent a week adventuring and camping. This laptop was with me the entire time and served as a great way to easily back up photos and do quick edits in Lightroom.

Having 2 copies of my photos at all times is important so the fact that I could do that even while hiking up a mountain deifnitely gave me some piece of mind. 

After the week of using the Swift 7 in New Zealand, I can say that it is fully capable of running Lightroom and has solid enough batter power to last through editing sessions. 

Thanks for taking the time to look through this blog post. 

For more information about the Swift 7 and to purchase it you can visit

This blog post was in partnership with Acer. 

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