2015 US Roadtrip - michaelmatti

I felt that before I spent any more time and money exploring other countries, I needed to see more of my own country first. 

With that in mind I spent 2 months living out of my Subaru Forester and drove 11,874 miles (19,109 km) around the US this past summer.

I first left Seattle on June 23rd and got back August 22nd. It was a crazy awesome 2 months of exploring this beautiful country I call home.

I first decided to do this trip after I applied for and didn't get that one year travel around the US job that @backpackermag posted about awhile back. I figured if that was really what I wanted to do, why not just find a way to do something like that myself. I think too often we wait for opportunities to come along instead of just making them happen. We say someday instead of just doing it now. In the words of Shia LaBeouf "JUST DO IT!" 😄 So thanks @backpackermag for getting me thinking about traveling the US this summer. It was an experience I'll always cherish and something I recommend everyone try to do at some point. There is so much incredible beauty in this country. Go out and experience it! I also want to say thank you to everyone I met up with along the way. The trip just wouldn't have been the same without your company.

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