2015 Turkey Home Trip - michaelmatti

Turkey has been a country high on my travel list for awhile so I was quite excited when I got an opportunity to travel there and work on a project for Turkey Home. The project was in conjunction with Matador Network and Wilderness Culture and had a goal of promoting the Black Sea Region of Turkey.

I didn't know much about this part of Turkey before the trip so I was especially excited to explore an unknown place. The trip began in Seattle, where I flew with a friend of mine, @BertyMandagie, from Seattle to Istanbul. After a short night of sleep, we went right back to the airport and flew to Trabzon, a smaller town on the coast of the Black Sea. From the airport in Trabzon we hopped in a van with our driver and guide and headed along the coast, through Rize, and up into the mountains of northeast Turkey. 

We spent the next couple days exploring mountains, finding waterfalls, driving to lakes, and drinking lots and lots of tea. The region and trip as a whole reminded me so much of the PNW, where I'm from. It had lush greens, lots of fog/drizzle, and beautiful landscapes filled with mountains, lakes, and waterfalls. 

After our time in the mountains, we went back to Trabzon and flew to Istanbul, where we spent a couple days exploring the city. Istanbul is one of the most unique cities I have ever been to. It is such a combination of cultures and has so much to offer. 

I wasn't ready to leave Turkey but the trip did come to an end and I headed back to Seattle. Turkey is definitely a place I want to get back to; there is so much left to see there!

Instagram Posts from the Trip

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